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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  August 9, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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in just the last half hour, the senate committee approved the gaming expansion bill. a vote of 11-1. now it goes to the full senate tomorrow morning. is zooming along to the delight of some and the chagrin of others. protesters claim the casino will do damage to prince george's county and national harbour. >> casinos bring an element that prince george's county does not need. >> the governor says the bill is good for maryland. >> we have the ability to create jobs by getting this gaming right in our state. >> the legislature must decide who side to take after the formality of a big formal call, it moved to the senate committee for a vote. the developer of national harbour is there and he is eager to build a casino on his property. the president of maryland life
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is also lobbying hard. he says the national harbour facility would unfairly harm his business. it also touched off on a debate between connie executives that represent the two locations. >> national harbour will take a chunk of our market share. >> national harbour will attract people from around the world. >> it must to the november ballot if passed. voters will have the ultimate say on expansion into prince george's county. that is what the protesters said, they do not want to leave anything to chance. >> i want quality of life in the county that does not meet with the casino crab. >> we said at the outset this is zooming along. -- the casino crowd a. >> the senate will take the first of two of votes for passage tomorrow. it will go to the house next.
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the outcome there is a little more uncertain. they expect to wrap the whole thing up by tuesday. >> the issue of whether a court ruling of that pit bulls being dangerous is expected to come up as well. a lot of people without the dogs came to show support. lawmakers are expected to address who should be liable if a dog attacks a person. here to keep track of everything on the homepage of >> a deadly fire that took the life of a 5-year-old girl yesterday has claimed another victim -- her 51-year-old brother. his sister was ricky -- rescued from the home but died hours later. the father remains in critical condition. the three were sleeping when an air conditioner plugged into an
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extension cord and power strip overloaded and started the fire. >> d.c. police officer pleaded guilty to a decision. he was in charge of a speedy camera in the city. because of something he did not do with the camera, police have to return thousands of dollars in fines to drivers. sam ford has more. >> an officer and did not want to risk losing overtime and it has cost him big time. he had to resign in june. today he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor fraud because of his photo radar duties. >> i should not have to pay any of these tickets if there is a flaw in the system. >> motorists were surprised but not sympathetic that the cop had to resign for fraud including photo radar equipment. >> when happen, maybe and serve
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him right. is bad enough we are getting these tickets. you have people out here falsifying. >> they are paid guilty -- they are paid overtime for monitoring the equipment and making sure it is calibrated correctly. today officer pleaded guilty to faking the hourly data 33 times between may 2008 and 2009. >> he should have been fired. >> one day at 3:10, the defendant took the mobile radar unit and physically rolled the clock back to 2:0 1:00 a.m. before firing a test shot. as a result of the discovery the city had to avoid 200 tickets totaling thousands of dollars refunded to the motorists. >> this is the game they ought to be playing.
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they're starting to do it right. >> they should be further investigations and make sure other officers are not doing the same thing. >> no word on why this was expected and discovered by internal affairs and turned over to the u.s. attorney's office. he is due for sentencing on august 30. >> and thank you so much. heavily armed police stormed in alexandria business today a resting three men in connection with a home burglary ring. abc 7 news was there as officers raided a house and neighboring store front. they arrested vincent evans who was accused of dozens of burglaries'. they recovered at 30 computers and electronic devices. >> the latest in the colorado movie theater shootings. james holmes was back in court
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this afternoon. there are seeking a gag order. the pretrial publicity could jeopardize a fair trial. he faces 142 criminal charges in connection with the shooting rampage and iraq, colorado. ---- aurora, cololrado. >> why environmentalists are raising a red flag about plans to ease the drive on i95 in virginia. >> is it the most negative campaign ad ever?
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[ [ le announcer ] in 1996 president clclintoton and a bi-partisan congress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th president obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping wor wrequirements. under obama's plan you wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare
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check. and welfare to work goes back to being plain,ld welfare. mitt romney will restore the work requirement, because it works. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. >> both parties on the campaign trail as usual. mitt romney is not campaigning today, but his surrogate tim pawlenty attended an event in mississippi. mitt romney is shown a had a president obama by four points.
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there is a new line of attack ads airing in several states. >> it has one of the nastier adds unleashed so far against mitt romney. scott thuman with more. >> we're talking about the ad some say is the most intense negative media attack yet on mitt romney. is it fair, or is it over the line? it has both campaigns riled up. >> you will see more negative ads, more money spent then you have never seen in your life. >> true, super pacs have changed the game because the campaigns can distance themselves from the mud slinging. this latest attack is presenting a problem. >> i lost my health care. a short time after my wife became ill. there was nothing they could do for her. she passed away and that 22
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days. i do not think mitt romney realizes what he has done to anybody. >> tying mitt romney to the death came from priorities usa. then this the march, a recording of a conference call where he tells his story to obama's team. >> >> to have the white house lied to the media three times yesterday to say they had no idea the context of the ad. >> romney supporters say obama must denounce the ad. >> they implied mitt romney committed a murder. barack obama needs to right away say shut this ad down. we won nothing to do with it. >> romney's people say it is important to clarify it was five years after the plant closed
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when his wife was diagnosed. she had her own health care but left that job after an injury. >> thank you very much. up next, we will tell you how the drought conditions are causing some problems around the world. >> on the lookout for storms before the weekend arrives. >> the waiting is over and the redskins did you robert griffin iii. they take on the bills.
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[ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. i think mitt romney's really out of touch with the averageoman's health issues... this is not the 1950s. contraception is so important to women... it's about a woman being able to make decisions... i don't remember anyone as extreme as romney.... i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. i don't think mitt romney can even understand the mindset of someone who has to go to planned parenthood. planned parenthood. we're going to get rid of that. i think romney would definitely drag us back...
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>> we're back with a bit of good news about the unemployment picture. >> first-time jobless claims fell by 6000 last week, that follows a month of ups and downs. it is consistent with gains in hiring. employers posted 4 million jobs
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in the month of june. >> the government says nearly 84% of domestic flights arrived within 15 minutes of their scheduled time in the first half of the year. that is the best performance since they started tracking these in 1988. vw i has 84%. >> it may ease traffic and how you get to where you want to go on time. the new express line project getting underway on i-95 will have an environmental cost to virginia. according to our partners at wto p radio it will have to remove 100 acres of trees and shrubs. it would not necessarily remove any trees. the $190 million project is expected to be completed in late 2014. >> drought conditions across the nation are getting worse and are
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about to have a global impact. the united nations price index shows food prices are up 6% across the world because of corn prices. the united states produces more corn than any other country. that drought is still in effect. glucks we do not need one big storm. that would that do anything. we need a long period of a weather pattern change with rents that would last five or six days. >> and really soak the ground. >> let's get you started here. a few isolated downpours, especially along the fairfax montgomery county lines. heading into baltimore. the big blob is up there to the northwest of the metro area. flash flood warnings in effect in eastern sections of frederick county. this is a heavy rain. they picked up two or 3 inches
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and areas. more rainfall is falling. some pretty good downpours. meanwhile, all afternoon we have been monitoring areas of showers and storms to the west. with the movement and warm humid air implies, it is possible some of these will hang together long enough to possibly bring more rain into our viewing area overnight tonight with a little thunder and lightning. tomorrow a much more dynamic system will get started. that will be strong storm center that is going to bring storms to the area. 95 degrees this afternoon that reagan national airport. 87 is the high. eight degrees above average. opposes on chart again. this is the 27 time this year we have been -- it puts us on the chart again. this is the 27th time this year we have been 95 or higher. 44 is the total amount of days
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above 90 degrees this year. much cooler on the potomac thailand's. 75 in martinsburg. 73 in winchester. is still 91 in gaithersburg. the futurecast shows how things might work out tomorrow morning. late afternoon and evening when the cold front and the associated area of low pressure undercut the hot and humid air we could have some potential severe weather. the mid-atlantic and beyond is under a slight risk of severe storms tomorrow morni. sunday looks gorgeous. monday and tuesday more he meant it. temperatures were they should be for the middle of august in the mid to upper 80's. >> for the first time, rgiii
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takes a snap in the nfl. >> it has been years it feels like we have been waiting for. all the hype in anticipation across the nfl is over tonight. the debut of robert griffin iii. there are other new faces in town that will make this team dangerous. use -- here is britt mchenry with a preview of tonight. >> the rgiii area is ready to break out. even the rookie qb has seen enough of his teammates. >> i think everybody is ready to go after somebody else after a while. you want to strap it up. some of those defensive guys want to go hit somebody. >> the running back position still remains up for grabs. tim hightower was named the no. 1 on the depth chart so far but will not play against the bills. evan should get a lot more rips as he competes for playing time. >> if having as rotative will
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keep us fresh and winning, that is what we all want. >> redskin fans will get a first glance at pierre gocon. santana maas dropped 15 pounds and looks to be in top form. >> it is great to have a group of guys that can go up there and work and make it big play here and there. it will be fun. >> the new quarterback, a new season, a new era. the redskins are ready and this starts against the bills. what's more week one action right here on abc 7 tonight. the baltimore ravens take on the atlanta falcons. coverage starts as 7:00. we will have highlights at 11:00 here on abc 7 news. don't take your eye off d.c.'s baseball team, the national's continue to be amazing. they won again in dramatic
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fashion. gonzales -- can you believe it? way back and gone over the left- field fence. the national's lead 2-0. he finished what he started his second career complete game. they went 4-3. tiger woods last chance of the year to win a major. he is right in the thick of things on the one in south carolina. he finish 3 under today. roy mcelroy is also on the hunt. he finished 5 under par. both guy s are chasing peterson. he leads after day one. congratulations to the u.s. women's soccer team. they beat japan 2-1 to win olympic gold. >> the u.s. is leading in metals. >>
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>> the end of the week is coming. what the you have for the weekend? >> we will have some rains burst, showers and storms tonight. heaviest storms coming out of winchester, virginia. we are watching ran far to the southwest. it will pay as a visit overnight. tomorrow our best chance of showers and thunderstorms, some could be severe. clearing and improving weather saturday afternoon. typically warm and humid through monday tuesday, and wednesday. we will take a fresh outlook on the storm's tonight on whether. >> thank you for that.
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i got the chane ce to start my own business. i know what it's like to hire people and to make ends meet. from those experiences i had the chance of running the olympics. the games were in real trouble. there'd been way too much spending. and in massachusetts i found a budget that was badly out of balance. our legislature was 85% democrat. and every one of the four years i was governor we balanced the budget. i want to use those experiences to help americans have better future. we believe in our future. we believe in ourselves. we believe the greatest days of america are ahead. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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